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You can ensure compliance with Cosmetic Label Review Services Ltd

Timely and affordable label reviews for your cosmetic products

in accordance with EU Regulation 1223/2009.



We are here to carry out label reviews in accordance with EU Regulation 1223/2009; to help both startup and well- established businesses launch compliant products. We'll review any of your existing cosmetic product labels; this includes primary and/or secondary packaging and any leaflets which you may be included with your products.

Please note our current turnaround times:

Standard label review in English: 24-48 hours (includes weekends)

Multilingual label review: 3 working days (weekdays only)

Please note turnaround times are estimated from the time we receive your documents and may vary depending on the complexity of your documents. We'll accept your labels in any format but please ensure you submit a clear copy so that we are able to view the information.

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Cosmetic Products

The Rapid Alert Safety Gate System allows communication between competent authorities and/or manufacturers of the 28 Member States and the European Commission around suspected dangerous non-food products, including cosmetics. These reports have led to product withdrawals, product recalls and even product destruction at the border. This year alone (2019), 28 reports have been received already via the gateway. Reasons for these non-compliances include undeclared fragrance allergens, contamination with Staphylococcus aureus and prohibited ingredients. For this reason, we decided to launch CLRS Ltd with an aim to minimise the numbers of weekly reports via the Rapid Alert Safety Gate System, leading to an increased level of protection for the consumer. It is important to ensure your label is compliant not just at the safety assessment stage but throughout the whole lifecycle of product launch.

We are a UK based compliance consultancy business focusing on timely and affordable label reviews for cosmetic products in accordance with EU Regulation 1223/2009.

We will fully review all packaging labels as required which includes both inner and/or outer packaging together with any leaflets/tags/cards that may accompany your cosmetic product. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the legal requirements we look for on your label:

  • Product function

  • Ingredient (INCI) names

  • Name and address of the Responsible Person 

  • Country of origin 

  • Warning statements and precautionary information

  • Batch code

  • Nominal quantity 

  • Period after opening/Date of minimum durability

If any of the above are missing from your label(s), we will suggest changes and pass or fail the label(s) accordingly.

We will carry out a second review free of charge once you have made the required changes to ensure your packaging is fully compliant and ready to upload to the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal.

Contact us today via our website form where we can provide you with a free quote today.

Further services we provide:

  • Product Information File (PIF) Review

  • PIF Update

  • PIF Compilation

  • Ingredient list review

  • Ingredient list compilation

  • Allergen declaration



Scatered Makeup
  • Standard/Multilingual Label Reviews


What do we require in order to review your cosmetic product label(s)?

  1. Product formulation (all ingredients listed by their INCI names preferably, CAS and EC numbers included (see Cosing)) and total % weight of each ingredient within the finished product, Please contact us if you have any issues with this.

  2. Label(s) This includes all packaging (primary and secondary packaging, i.e. leaflets, tags, cards)

  3. Cosmetic Product Safety Report. If you don't have this yet, we can recommend a cosmetic safety assessor  who will carry out a safety report for your products. Alternatively, should you wish to have your cosmetic labels reviewed before a cosmetic safety assessment has been carried out, or you do not wish to disclose your report with us, this is no problem. However, we do recommend having your product safety assessed prior to having a label review as we can ensure all label warnings are present on your label as recommended by your assessor.

If your product contains a flavour/fragrance we'll also require the following:

  1. IFRA certificate

  2. Allergen Declaration

These can be obtained directly from your fragrance supplier/manufacturer.

When you have all the information you need for the review to be carried out, please send your information to us.

After looking over your information, we can provide you with a quote based on your formulation(s) submitted.


When submitting numerous product formulations for review, if all products have the same base formulation, we can provide you with a very cost-effective quote.


Translation costs will apply should any information require translation.

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